In the firearm world there is a saying. “The best gun to use to defend yourself is the one you have with you.” Obviously, this is a commentary on those who spend lots of money buying guns, but then leave them sitting at home as compared to people who buy a small, cheap gun that they carry every day. The same could be said of knives. The knife is arguably the single most important tool in the history of all civilization, but it’s only useful if you have it with you. With a fixed blade this means you need a sheath. That creates a bit of a quandary. Do you make your own, have them custom made, buy generic sheaths, or let the customer worry about it? I decided to make my own. This led to another question. Do I make leather sheaths, kydex sheaths, or both? Eventually I’d like to do both, but decided to start with leather. So here I am… Not only trying to learn knife making, but leather work as well.

2 thoughts on “Sheaths

  1. Looks good for the first one man.

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