Gettin’ a Grip

The sharpest, toughest, most incredible blade in the world isn’t worth much if you can’t hold on to it.  That means that the handle is a pretty important component to a good knife.  In the world of custom knives your options are limited only by your imagination.  You can have natural handle materials made from a fairly inexpensive common hardwood like Black Walnut (those cost eight or ten dollars) to fossilized mammoth tooth (yes…I’m serious, and they cost $200).  You can also get a wide range of man-made materials ranging from G10 or Micarta which are resin based materials that start around 10 to 15 dollars to Timascus.  Timascus as a titanium alloy, and putting Timascus scales on your knife is gonna cost you $400-$500 without breaking a sweat.

When you’re deciding what type of handle material you want you have to consider what you are using your knife for, how you want it to look, and how you want it to feel.  I really like the way Black Walnut looks, and it’s a good hardwood that should hold up well with normal use, but you may not want a wood handle if your knife is going to be wet all the time.  It’ll probably also require a little more care than an artificial material.  Micarta is extremely durable, and very grippy.  Some people, however, don’t like the way it looks, or feel that man-made materials lack the warmth of a natural material.

I haven’t talked about a lot of other options like stabilized woods or hybrid handle materials, but I hope you’ve found this information useful, and if you have any questions I’d be happy to try to answer them.  If you decide on getting a custom knife enjoy picking your handle material!  I hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night.


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