Fall is in the Air

We’ve gotten to September 2019.  Up here on the mountain you can definitely feel it in the air in the evenings.  It’s been a long time since my last entry, and I’ve done quite a bit.

The first, and biggest thing, is that I’ve moved out of my basement and into our shed.  It’s nice to be able to stand up straight while I’m in the shop.  I ran 100 amp service to the shed to facilitate the move (big thanks to Gabe and Chuck for the help with that…without them it would not have been possible).  After I got the power run I wired up lights and many, many outlets.

I took a trip to Huntington, WV to spend a weekend working with ‘Bill’.  Bill is a knifemaker that is 80 years old and has been making knives for 50 years.  It was really great to benefit from the tips and tricks he had to offer, and I look forward to going back and working with him again.  Also, he really cracked me up.  He was the classic ‘old guy’ complete with hilarious and inappropriate sayings, and crotchety ‘get off my lawn’ comments about his neighbors.

I built a larger forge, and bought an anvil.  This has led to some practice in blacksmithing (hopefully to leading into bladesmithing), and being able to heat treat larger blades.  My initial paint can forge (you can see it on my instagram) worked well for small knives, but just wasn’t big enough, or hot enough, to get larger blades to critical temperature.

Lastly, I’ve been getting better at cranking out knives.  As I make more knives, and thus get more practice.  It is getting easier to move through the steps quicker, and make a better product.  I’m producing knives with a machine finish that are better than I could hand finish blades before.  That takes a lot of the stress off my poor, decrepit elbows, and puts it on the grinder.  I’m also working on new techniques for making more interesting knives.  Most recently you can see my work with hamons (a hardening technique that you can research if you are interested…it’s too complicated to go into here) on my Instagram.  Once that knife is finished I’ll post a picture of it in the gallery here on the site.

Thank you for your time, and your interest.  As always, have a great morning, afternoon, evening, night.


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