Happy New Year!

Howdy Folks!  I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas (or your holiday of choice), and a Happy New Year.  We were busy, but it’s always good to see the family.

As far as North Mountain Knives goes…well…I think I wrapped 2019 up pretty well.  From the time I got my 2×72 belt grinder (round about the end of February) til the end of the year I made right around 20 knives.  The last one I finished up was kind of special.  It was a Mountain Top Hunter with a green, yellow, and black WV State Trooper themed handle.  I donated it to Troop 1 District 2 WV State Troopers to be raffled off to raise money for troopers in need.

I’ve kicked 2020 off by finishing up a custom order (a tall bladed, ironwood handled hunter), and also a Mountain Top Hunter with a Curly Maple Handle that is “extra.”

I put in an application for a table at the Annual Greater Shenandoah Valley Knife Show that takes place in April.  That’s why there are quotes around my earlier “extra.”  I’ve been trying to mix “extra” knives in with orders so that I have knives to take with me to the show.  My goal is 10 to 15 knives, but I decided that I would always list the “extra” knives and if they sold they sold.  The problem is that the “extra” knives keep selling.  That’s a good problem to have, but I foresee extra hours in the shop when March rolls around.

The other big news in our house is that my amazing wife (Savannah Hull Wilkins) is running for Tucker County Prosecutor!  If you would like to check out her information she has a Facebook page “Savannah Hull Wilkins for Tucker County Prosecutor” and a website at http://www.wilkinsforprosecutor.com.   You can find information about her experience there, as well as ways you can help with the campaign if you are so inclined.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As always…have a good morning, afternoon, evening, night.


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