Thank you for taking the time to visit North Mountain Knives. My knives are made by hand out in my shop (aka shed). If you are interested in a custom, hand-made knife feel free to contact me via this site, email, or the various forms of social media linked on this site.

Some Information

I work in carbon steel. This means that a thin coat of oil should be kept on the blade at all times to prevent rusting. You can use mineral oil if you are using your knife for food preparation. There may still be some patina if used to cut acidic items.

I make knives. Not hammers, screw drivers, axes, or pry bars. If you use your knife for anything other than cutting don’t be surprised if it fails.

By accepting one of my knives via purchase, trade, or gift, you are accepting responsibility for any and all actions and uses of that knife, and the consequences thereof.

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